The Unfinished Revolution Project is a political film project, explicitly focused on exploring challenging issues from a mainstream perspective



  • Education- what should be taught, and who should decide?
  • Conservative Islam and liberal Britain
  • Politics of the Progressive Centre
  • Identity politics
  • Regeneration in an era of ‘social cleansing’ allegations and limited resources
  • #Metoo, #believeher, and ‘Innocent until proven guilty’


“The Unfinished Revolution Project is an attempt to make a tangible, positive and constructive contribution to politics and political discourse. Through our films, which will deliberately focus on some of our most contentious political, social and cultural issues, we hope to give a much-needed platform to moderate and nuanced voices in these debates. Such voices have an essential role to play in helping society find a shared way through a hugely divided, hostile and polarised time.”

Nora Mulready, Founder

Nora Mulready, Founder

Nora is a political writer and co-director of a welfare rights charity.