Claire Kober OBE

Former Labour Party politician and Leader of Haringey Council, 2008-2018, @ClaireKober

Johnny Mercer MP

Conservative MP, former British army officer and author, @JohnnyMercerUK

Amina Lone

Co-Director of the Social Action Foundation and former Labour Party politician, @Amina_Lone

Jess Phillips MP

Labour MP, @jessphillips

Helen Pluckrose

Editor of Areo Magazine, and Co-author of the “Grievance Studies” Probe (with James A. Lindsay and Peter Boghossian) @HPluckrose

Emily Benn

Campaigner, Research Assistant at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard, and Labour Party activist @Emily_Benn

Andrew Copson

CEO of Humanists UK, President of the International Humanist and Ethical Union, @andrewcopson

Matthew D’Ancona

Editor-In-Chief of DRUGSTORE CULTURE, @MatthewdAncona

John Woodcock MP

Independent MP, @JWoodcockMP

Ruth Dudley-Edwards

Historian, journalist, biographer & crime novelist, @RuthDE

Dolly Theis

Programme Director, Big Tent Ideas Festival, Director of 50/50 Parliament Campaign and Ph.D Student, and former Parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party, @dollytheis

Sarah Hayward

Political writer, former Labour Party politician and Labour Leader of Camden Council, 2012 to 2017, @Sarah_Hayward 

Chris Coghlan

NGO founder, former diplomat and former counter terrorism officer, @_Chris_Coghlan 

Jonathan Simons

Education Policy expert and former No 10 Policy Advisor, @jonathansimons

John Blake

Educational Policy Advisor, curriculum specialist, and former history teacher

Pamela Dow

Chief Reform Officer at Catch-22, former Senior Civil Servant and former PPS to Michael Gove in the DfE